Bentonite Clay

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How to Use Bentonite Clay

On the Skin: Externally, apply a paste of bentonite clay and water on any skin irritation like blemishes, insect bites, cuts, skin itching, or burns. I leave it on until it dries and wash off. This is said to be especially calming to skin itching from eczema, psoriasis, chickenpox, etc.

Armpit Detox: Use a mix of bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar to detox armpits.

Skin Poultice for Bug Bites/Burns/Cuts/Stings: For more severe issues, create a poultice by putting a thick layer of clay on the skin and applying a wet gauze or cloth over it. Wrap the area and leave the poultice on, changing every 2 hours.

Hair/Face Mask: Many beauty products use bentonite clay for its ability to bind with and remove toxins and impurities. For smooth and healthy skin and hair, make a bentonite clay mask simply by mixing a paste of bentonite and (rose)water. Leave on face for 10 min and on hair for 20 min wash off with warm water. Do this once or twice a week. Bentonite clay powder (2tsp) mixed with 1 (tsp) apple cider vinegar, and water to form a paste also makes an excellent and balancing hair/face mask.

Detox Bath: Add about 1/4 cup of bentonite clay to water for a relaxing detox bath that softens skin.

For Oral Health: Because of its excellent ability to bind to heavy metals and toxins as well as to provide minerals, use bentonite clay for brushing. It is tasteless and relatively texture less.

As an Oral Rinse to Whiten and Remineralize Teeth: Besides the use in my tooth powder, use bentonite mixed with water as an alkalizing and toxin-removing mouth rinse. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of clay in 1/4 cup water in a small jar with a plastic lid and shake well. The rinse with the water for 1-2 minutes and repeat until all is use. 

For Mastitis: Create a poultice or mask of bentonite clay and water and apply externally to the area. Repeat as needed every hour until the infection is gone. 

For Baby Powder: Plain bentonite clay makes a very soothing baby powder for use when there is infection or redness. It can also be made into a clay “mask” to help speed recovery in this area.

For Digestive Problems or Morning Sickness: Take 1/2 tsp of bentonite clay in water during early pregnancy to ward off morning sickness. Helps with the nausea. Check with your doctor or medical professional before using during pregnancy.

For Internal Cleansing: Drink 1/2 to 1 teaspoon most days in a cup of water. Combine in a glass jar with a plastic lid and shake until well incorporated. Improves digestion and also gives more energy.

For Pets: For pets that are sick, vomiting or showing signs of illness, you can add bentonite to their water or mix and give orally with a dropper or syringe without the needle. You can also apply clay mixed with water to an open wound.

For Feet: Mix clay with water and apply all over feet. Rinse in lukewarm water once completely dries. This will sooth tired feet.

Other Uses: There are cases of bentonite being used internally to help reduce radiation exposure, in alternative cancer treatments, and in MRSA infections. It is also said to greatly help in parasite removal.

Precautions and Tips

*Do not let healing clays like bentonite come in to contact with anything metal, as this will reduce the effectiveness. Mix with water in a glass/plastic jar with a plastic lid by shaking well or using a plastic whisk. *Use a spray bottle to add water as this will minimize clumps.

*If you take it internally, do not take within an hour of food and do not take within 2 hours of medications or supplements as it might reduce their effectiveness. Increase your fibre intake when consuming the clay. Check with your doctor before consumption if you have any medical condition.

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